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Early bird - Art of Kelsey Eng (Vol 1.) Book

Early bird - Art of Kelsey Eng (Vol 1.) Book

Early Bird is a collection of paintings and drawings that I've done over the past years. It is a perfect bound softcover book that was made with much love and care.

Each book comes signed. If you want the book addressed to someone please write their name in the shipping details. 

- 8 x 7 x .2"
- 64 pages of drawings of fantastical characters, scenes, and environments
- 3 tutorials - Choosing a sketch, How I painted 'Swan Queen' (cover image), and Design Advice
- Written sections that talk about Digital Painting, Landscape Painting, Finding your Personal Voice, and more!
- Books are shipped once a week
- ISBN: 1513619454

View a flipthrough of the book on my instagram: @kelseyeng32

*Orders of 3 books or more: the shipping rate will differ a lot ($10 amount) because the weight is much heavier. Please email me in advance if you want to do a large order*

25 USD