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Acrylic Keychain

Acrylic Keychain

A colorful acrylic keychain charm! Choose between the Azure Mermie, Black & Gold Mermie, and two Witchies from Bhutan, (or get all four :). The keychains come with a rose gold star attachment. The acrylic part of the keychain measures approximately 3.3 x 4". If you buy more than one, please specify which ones you want in the checkout !

- Clear, transparent acrylic
- Reversible, the image is printed on both sides.
- Double boarded, a slightly more expensive process than a single board keychain so one side of the keychain is not further away from the edge.
- Artist's signature printed near bottom of image
- Looks great on a purse or backpack!

Please note Keychains come packaged with a thin film of plastic on each side for protective covering. Peel the edges to remove the covering.

Thanks for your support! I hope to keep creating fun products like this one! \(^o^)/
17 USD